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  NEEDLE Control Valves, Instrumentation Valves & Manifold
A wide range of Valves, such as Needle Valve, Gate & Globe valve, Ball Valves, and Non-return Valves. High Pressure valves etc. are being manufactured and supplied to meet customers all need for their instrumentation applications. Compact design and accurate machining ensured the precise and controlled resistance to flow, zero leaks, minimum pressure drop and trouble free long life. Available in various MOC and end connections.
Forged Steel & Cast Steel
Type :: Gate,Globe,Check
Rating :: 800/1500/2500 in SW/SCRD Ends,150/300 in Flange End
Moc :: A 105 /A 182 F 304/316/F-11/F-22
Range :: 1/8'' to 2''

End Connection

Moc :: SS 304, SS 316, Brass,& CS
Safe and reliable even at high pressure up to 10000 psi. Compact Design, forged body and available with various MOC. Simple Configuration single or double spindle with 2way , 3way and 5way connections. Long maintenance free life, zero leak and operates with extremely low Torque.
Type :: Block & Bleed Type , Angle Type, Integral Type.
Moc :: A 105 /A 182 F 304/316/F-11/F-22
Type :: Separately Type, Intergral Type Direct Mounting On DPT
Moc :: SS 304 , SS 316, & CS