Quality Assurance Plan







  1. This quality assurance plan covers requirements for inspection, testing of pipe fittings, valves and hydraulic and Pneumatic hoses.

  2. The plan is intended to supplement the minimum requirements of the applicable codes and to be followed by the internal QA department, at every stage of the manufacturing.

  3. Supplementary specification indicating special or additional requirements from the customer shall addenda to this plan.

  4. Customerís  Inspector or their authorized inspection agencies inspection / check points
    are also indicated. Additional check points if any shall form addenda to this plan.





The following codes in their latest edition shall form the basis of manufacturing, inspection, testing and acceptance of pipe fittings valves.

  1. ASTM  

  2. ASME

  3. ANSIB

  4. MSS SP

  5. VDE

  6. DIN

  7. I.S.

  8. B.S.





  1. Receiving Inspection : All receiving raw material shall be inspected by quality assurance dept. as a routine procedure prior to storing . This inspection generally include followings.  

    1. Surface Check  

    2. Dimensional Check

    3. Verification of material identification markings with respect to Mill test certificate.

    4. Review of Mill Test Certificate with respect to the applicable code.  

  2. In case of discrepancy observed in either identification markings or in Mill Test Certificate, Check testing shall be recommended. Testing shall be carried out at the independent laboratories only.  

  3. An internal Batch no. shall be allotted against accepted raw material and shall be hard punched on each material before storing.  

  4. All stainless steel material shall be stored separately with colour coding and away form carbon steel material  to avoid contamination.   




Heat Treatment of the fittings shall be carried out before or after final Machining operation. Heat Treatment of the fittings shall be carried out strictly as per the applicable codes.




On completion of final machining, all fittings shall be cleaned internally & externally to remove scale, dirt, sand, water & foreign material.

  1. Internal & External surface of all stainless steel fittings, shall be pickled by acid & passivated by clean and cold water.

  2. Internal and External surface of all brass fittings, shall be pickled by acid and passivated by Brass Coat or by Zinc Chrome 62 (L).

  3. Internal and External surface of all carbon steel fittings, shall be treated with Phosphating or Blackening process.




Each fittings shall be permanently marked either by hard punching method or etching method using electrolytic marking machine.




  1. For the accepted fittings, a works certificates of compliance to the manufacturing specification shall be issued by the QC Department.

  2. Each fittings shall be guaranteed to be free from any manufacturing defects for a period of 12 months from the date of commissioning or 12 months from the date of its dispatch from our works, whichever is earlier.




(For Brass, Stainless Steel & Carbon Steel fittings )

Type testing is essential as per BS 4368 part IV for brass, stainless steel & carbon steel fittings.