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Testing Equipments/Inspection & Facility

The products which we manufacture are mainly used in pressure circuits & pressure lines.

The pressure may be of hydraulic oil, air, steam or water pressure.

The Products manufactured by us are checked under following facilities.

  • Dimensional checking by calibrated instruments.
  • Threads checked by thread plug and ring gauges calibrated by Met-Heat Services Pvt Ltd.
  • Accurate Vernier say dial vernier are used for Dimensional checking, Dial Micrometer height gauge & bore gauges are used as per requirements.
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We have following facilities :

  • Hand pump operating under water - Capacity 400kg/cm2.
  • Motorised pump operating under oil - 1000kg/cm2
  • Compressor with reservoir for pneumatic testing upto 10kg/cm2
  • D.P. Test for Cracks & other surface defect in forging & raw materials.
  • Nitrogen Bottle upto 150kg/cm2.
  • Air & Hydraulic Testing Machine capacity upto 0-140 Kg/Cm2